About our School

Mountview Alternative Public School was formed in 1983 by a group of parents who were seeking to provide their children with a different approach to schooling as a part of the public education system. The parents and educators at Mountview have as our Mission the following basic precepts:

  • producing capable graduates
  • encouraging parental involvement
  • stimulating a co-operative approach to school and community
  • balancing the rights of teachers, parents and students
  • involving parents in curriculum development
  • remaining open to new ideas and new approaches to learning
  • we believe in multi-grade grouping
  • our teachers use a thematic approach to learning
  • parents participate as classroom volunteers and as curriculum planners
  • teaching and resource-based learning are encouraged
  • children draw on their own experiences and interests to acquire skills

Mountview Alternative offers a full range of learning opportunities

  • French - Grade 4-6
  • gym - all grades
  • swimming - all grades
  • library - all grades
  • field trips and mini trips
  • music program - including recorder instruction and choir
  • environmental awareness
  • in-class computers

Mountview is an inclusive community

  • supervised lunch program
  • daycare facility on the premises
  • after school programs such as art and French
  • school teams such as swimming, hockey and baseball

Community & global outreach

At Mountview Alternative School, we encourage global awareness through involvement with:

  • Our school twin: Cité Soleil, Haiti
  • Food Drives for Runnymede Hospital, Make Poverty History, Cancer Research, Red Door Women's Shelter, TDSB Breakfast for Children
Mountview Handbook and Constitution