The Mountview School Council has the following objectives:

  • Promote the Mountview mission;
  • support and guide school activities;
  • coordinate school volunteer activities;
  • provide a forum for dialogue and consultation and
  • encourage cooperation amongst educators and parents.

The Council meets at least 6 times a year and general meetings are held at least 4 times a year. All meetings are open to every member of the Mountview community. Council members are elected by the entire Mountview community at the last general meeting of the year. For an explanation of the differences between the Mountview Council meetings and the Parent Association or General Meetings click here.

Council Members

  • Co-Chairs: Sylvia Walker, Pam Miehls
  • Co-Treasurers: Marc Baron, Eric Comartin
  • Co-Secretaries: Amy Twydell, Heather McMartin
  • Room 101 (Amy) Reps: Amy Buskirk, Lindsay Boyd
  • Room 102 (Barry) Reps: Sue Kostandoff, Julia Radcliffe
  • Room 103 (Cathy) Reps: Jessica Densmore, Monica Susa-Dias
  • Room 104 (Roberto) Reps: Rosana Richardson, Heather McMartin
  • Room 105 (Glenna) Reps: Tim Kelloway
  • Student Reps: To be elected
  • At Large (6 Positions): Stefan Soldovieri


  • Barry Gibson
  • Jessica Whitehead
  • Amy Craze
  • Palika Sharma
  • Glenna Munro
  • Roberto LiVolsi


  • Principal: Jennie Petko
  • Vice Principal: Chris Hoisak
  • Administrator: Amanda Robinson

Non-Council Duties

  • Ward 7 Rep: Monica Sousa-Dias
  • Ward 7 Alternate:
  • ASAC Rep: Chris Patzwald
  • ASAC Alternate:
  • Curriculum Enrichment: Rosana Richardson, Monica Sousa-Dias
  • Keele Liason: Sandy Wong Poladian
  • Keele Alternate:
  • Open House: Sylvia Walker
  • Web Site Maintenance: Marc Baron
  • Scholastic: Mary Alice Deland
  • Fundraising: Lisa Prentice, Laura Swan
  • Green Team: Tina and Stefan Soldovieri
  • Friendship Assemblies: Ami Trussler
  • Holiday Concert: Laura Swan
  • Spring Extravaganza: Sue Kostandoff and Eric Comartin
  • June School Picnic: TBD
  • Graduation: TBD
  • Parent Workshops: